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New Residential Construction




Comfort and Familiarity: We strive to build trust with our clients, and know it’s essential that you feel comfortable with your builder. We know you’re trusting us to do the job right and work to make sure you feel comfortable at each step in the building process. We strive to build a friendly rapport with each client so you know you can come to us with any questions and concerns.

A Team Effort: We love transforming your idea for a custom home into reality, and we’re confident that we can bring your dreams to life. Let your imagination and ideas flow and tell us all about the amazing amenities you want. Our team of experienced design professionals comes from every field to ensure everything comes together just as it should. Every tradesman who works on our team and construction professional who helps build your home has been hand-picked for their talents, quality of workmanship, and reliability.

We Make It Easy: Building a home is a complex endeavor, and it takes time to make sure the end product comes out just right. Our decades of experience have taught us how to organize an efficient schedule that brings together all the different elements needed to build an amazing home. We coordinate tradesmen, get the permits, and make sure the project complies with all the building code and ordinances before construction begins. We also help select the right materials and components for your new home. You’ll be surprised how enjoyable and fun the process is!

Decades of Experience: As you know by now, we offer decades of experience in building quality custom homes, and we’re experts on what works and what doesn’t. When you choose us as your builder, you benefit from our knowledge, skills, and understanding of the custom home process.

High-Quality Materials: We only choose the highest quality construction materials, and we work with the finest names in the industry. We use brands like Kohler, Jacuzzi, Viking, Kitchen Aid, Grohe, and more.

Outstanding Designs: It’s hard not to notice the difference our designs make. From the elegant entryway to the feel of the backyard, we design every feature of your home to exude style, grace, and luxury. Stylish archways, crown molding, and intricate ceiling features will augment your beautifully decorated rooms.

Allow your imagination to run wild! Our architects, designers, and engineers will help you create an amazingly livable home that you’ll love making your own. Outstanding homes begin with outstanding designs, and our team tailoring your home to your every need. We work to ensure your home is aesthetically pleasing while also offering a functional space for your family to live and grow.

We partner with interior designers to make sure each room of your new home is the right size, features the best layout, and that every detail down to the lighting is just where it needs to be. We also work with landscape architects to make sure your house looks just as fantastic outside as it does inside. Want to make the most of that lakefront view? We’ll work to make sure you can enjoy the view from anywhere in your home.

Exceptional Organization and Efficiency: One of the features that separates inexperienced from experienced builders is the length of time it takes to construct your home. We utilize advanced technology and computer programs to make sure the process is smooth from concept to delivery. We establish client files in electronic form, as well as in hard-copy format so that everything stays organized and so that the project will stay on schedule. We make our staff available at any time to answer your questions so that we can resolve any issues that come up before they create any delays.

We also use those advanced programs to create smart construction schedules that keep track of every activity and project, which eliminates delays and unanticipated costs associated with new homes.

Excellent Communication: Communication is essential for customer satisfaction. We know that you’ll have many questions during the building process on topics like budget and scheduling. We make sure you know how to request changes, make selections, and view pictures of the project. You’ll get access to your own webpage where you can see pictures and see updates on construction progress. We also make it easy for you to correspond with our staff through our website at any time.

High Value and Appreciation: Home ownership is an essential method of building equity for your family and future, and we know that new custom homes represent one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. Our homes consistently appreciate in value at rates that exceed those of other builders.

In fact, the homes we build are often valued at a higher amount than the client’s cost, even before the home is completed.

Protecting the Environment: Today’s modern homes offer all sorts of environmentally-friendly features, but we also make sure that the building of each custom home takes away as little as possible from the environment. For example, we try to reduce the number of trees we cut down during construction, and we also work to design a property that minimizes erosion and preserves the earth’s natural beauty around the site.

Additionally, we install energy-saving appliances, high-efficiency HVAC systems, and advanced insulation to help each client save money on electricity and maintenance costs while also reducing each home’s cost to the environment.

If you’re ready to start building your dream home or if you’re just exploring the idea, we would love the opportunity to show you how you can live in a home that most people can only dream of.


Why a new custom home

Enjoy Better Construction

It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase, “things aren’t built to last anymore,” but custom homes don’t follow this adage. New homes benefit from strict building codes, comprehensive inspections, and the advantage of decades of architectural innovation and invention. Your new home will feature choices and options that just weren’t available in the past, and these features will make a custom home an advantageous investment.

Some of the reasons why your family might decide upon a custom home include:

Getting Exactly What You Want

Why deal with outdated designs and decor that make a home look aged and dated? Instead of spending money to renovate a home that’s seen better days, getting a custom home built offers an incredible level of customization and personalization.

You can’t change the layout of an existing home without incredible expense, and the result might not be exactly what you want anyway. On the other hand, a custom home gives you the opportunity to pick absolutely every feature you want and to arrange it as you wish.

Convenience and Space

Homes built forty years ago were, on average, an astounding 1,000 square feet smaller than new homes built on large lots today. But extra space isn’t the only way that homes have improved over the last several decades. Little luxuries like extra outlets and smart-home features, as well as eco-friendly appliances and water-saving devices infuse today’s homes with value.

New homes also have more bathrooms, larger kitchens, and extra features like entertainment rooms or a butler’s pantry. New homes also offer access to technologically advanced features like fiber optic cable, wireless internet, and intercom systems.

Increased Safety and Security

Installing updated smoke detectors and security systems in old homes often presents a hassle because of the old wiring and outdated electrical systems in the home. Features like the HVAC system, the circuit breakers, and everything that’s installed within the walls use more energy in an old house.

New homes, on the other hand, feature machinery and systems that adhere to strict government standards for energy efficiency and safety. With these more efficient and safer options installed in your new luxury home, you might even be eligible for discounts on your home insurance rates.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that an air conditioner that’s just 20 years old would take 6,000 watts each hour to cool a house while a modern air conditioner could handle the same job for just over 1,700 watts per hour? Imagine the incredible savings from the brand new and modern systems in your home.

Consider the cost of purchasing an old home that needs a complete revamp of all its major systems and appliances. Then, think about new homes that already have all of those advanced, efficient features and require zero renovations.

Community, Safety, & Friends

The welcoming environment of a safe neighborhood is a wonderful place to raise children. Imagine arriving home each night to your brand new home that sits on a peaceful cul-de-sac and is just a block or two away from beautiful parks and recreation activities.

Perhaps you’ll share a clubhouse or community pool with your neighbors where your children can grow up with their friends and enjoy memorable summers together. Whether your new home features a large lot or is a humbler residence, you’ll love the community atmosphere of a new neighborhood.

Protecting the Environment

Each decade has brought new advancements, rules, and inventions to help reduce your impact on the environment, as well as the costs associated with being “green friendly.” When constructing new custom homes, your builder is responsible for a wide array of local rules that are designed to create a greener and more environmentally-friendly future for the community.

Features like xeriscaping for your landscaping and low-flow toilets and water-saving faucets for the bathrooms save water. An HVAC system that uses a fraction of the energy of its predecessors means that you’re spending less to run your home and that you’re also setting an excellent example of an earth-friendly homeowner.

The Warranty

When you purchase an old home, there may be no warranty, and you never know what might happen a few months after you move in when the pipes suddenly fail, and you have to deal with a giant leak in the bathroom.

With a new home, you won’t need to worry too much about things breaking or requiring repair; however, if something should happen, your builder will help you take care of the issue.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Things like roofs, plumbing, and the electrical system only function for a certain number of years before replacement is necessary for proper operation and safety. When you buy an old home, you might have to deal with a roof replacement after just a few years, or you might need to replace all old, energy-hogging appliances in the kitchen.

With a new home, you’ll have virtually zero worries for replacements, upgrades, and changes for several years. In addition, advancements in construction techniques ensure that your regular maintenance is easier, faster, and less labor intensive. It’s much easier to enjoy a home you know isn’t going to require immediate and costly maintenance.