Investment Opportunities

Residential Homes, Strip Malls, Office Buildings & More

Real estate investors know that real estate ownership represents attractive ROI and is an essential feature of their investment portfolio. Exciting and visceral, real estate development projects offer tangible results where they create true impact on the community. While the stock market exists in the digital world, real estate projects are different and are investments you can walk right up to and see with your own eyes.

We work with investors and business professionals who wish to see a project develop and grow in the local community, as well as on projects with a national reach. We help create the “American Dream” for individuals and families through residential projects, and these ventures also offer investment value to real estate investors and businesses.

When we work with investors, we focus on hammering out the essential details of size, scope, and timing to ensure the highest possible return on investment, as well as a budget-conscious project that comes in on time and within set spending parameters. In the realm of real estate investment, we only make money when our investors make money, so it’s in our best interest to use all of our resources to create an amazing result.

We meet with investors before initiating project development to discuss goals and to make sure that everyone’s expectations for the project are on the same page. Real estate projects often represent a long-term commitment for investment and growth, and that’s why defining goals and the potential for growth require precise planning with an experienced partner like us.

The amount of each investment ranges, based on the size, scope, and timing of the various projects. We enjoy partnering with investors who are business minded and are results oriented. We make money only when its investors make money, resulting in an alignment of goals and a win-win relationship.

We’d love to talk to you about your investment idea and how we can get your project underway. Generate active income and impressive return on your investment by partnering with a seasoned developer and builder with decades of experience.

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Investment Criteria

Each investment property offers a unique set of opportunities. We endeavor to match such opportunities with our investor’s criteria, as well as short-term and long-term goals. Here is a list of investment criteria to be taken into consideration:

FUNDING: Determine total dollar amount available for investment.

GEOGRAPHICAL PREFERENCE: Determine the desired location of the investment property (if a specific location is preferred)

INVESTMENT CATEGORY: Determine the desired project category (if a specific category is preferred)


Single-Family Homes:

  • Custom Home

  • Semi-Custom Homes

  • Track Homes


  • Townhomes

  • Apartments Buildings

  • Student Housing


Shopping Center:

  • Neighborhood Shopping Center:

    • 4-10 Acres

    • 30,000-100,000 SF of gross leasable area

    • 5,000-40,000 population within 1.5 miles (i.e. 6-minute driving distance)

    • Necessary goods (Supermarket as the major tenant) and personal services (laundry, dry cleaning, barbering, and shoe repairing) for the daily needs of the people in the immediate area.

  • Community Shopping Center

    • 10-30 Acres

    • 100,000-300,000 SF of gross leasable area

    • 40,000-300,000 population within 3.5 miles (i.e. 14-minute driving distance)

    • In addition to the convenience goods and personal services offered by the neighborhood shopping center, a community shopping center provides an even wider range of facilities for the sake of large appliances, furniture, wearing apparel, and related services (20% Supermarket, 30% Major General Merchandise tenant, 25% other Clothing and Shoe Retailers, and the balance to other kinds of merchandisers and service businesses)

  • Regional and Super Regional Shopping Center

  • Strip Plaza/Retail Stores

  • Retail Stores & Professional/Medical Offices (2-4 Story Bldg)

  • Professional Office Building/Office Center (1-4 Story Bldg)

  • Multi-Tenant/Office/Restaurant/Retail (1-2 Story Bldg)

  • Medical Buildings Complex:

    • Medical Offices (2-4 Story Bldg)

    • Group Medical Practice Complex:

      • Proper planning include developer, architect and the doctors themselves on how best to design the complex given the special consideration of doctors’ requirements.

      • Location preferably close to major medical facilities in buildings that can provide complementary, as well as peripheral medical services.

      • Multi-doctor facilities produce maximum tenant interest and better utilization of the land.

      • Proper mix of tenants, as well as auxiliary facilities as a pharmacy, clinical pathology lab, MRI/scan, etc.

      • Offers a greater potential for patient-referral system.

  • Senior Housing:

    • Retirement Communities:

      • Includes lifestyle amenities, recreation, shopping convenience, comfort, minimum maintenance, and a high degree of security.

      • Blended into a well-planned unity, retirement developments include single-family dwellings, condominiums, facilities, garden apartments, town houses, shopping centers, and recreation.

      • It could also include swimming pools, clubhouses, hoppy shops, medical clinics, golf course, and convalescent centers.

    • Congregate Care Centers:

      • Includes assisted-living facilities and nursing homes.

      • Designed in the format of an apartment hotel providing housing, food, maintenance, and health care within one facility.

  • Master Planned Community

    Mixed-Use: Residential and commercial development


    • Office-Warehouse Flex-Space

    • Self Storage Facilities

PROJECT TYPE: Determine preference of project type (if a specific type is preferred)

Existing Buildings/Structures

  • Fix and keep to lease for income-producing then to sell after appreciation in value to re-invest in other investment opportunities.

  • Fix and flip for a quick turn-around to re-invest in other investment opportunities.

New Construction:

  • Land:

    • Undeveloped Land: Large zoned acreage of land- to be designed, engineered, permitted and developed into residential and/or commercial projects.

    • Permitted Lots: Parcels of land already subdivided into lots with pre-existing facilities (water, sewer, electricity, paved roads, curbs, etc.). Such lots are usually located in established and desirable neighborhoods- ready to build models for the purpose of pre-selling homes to pre-qualified buyers and/or to sell individual lots.

  • Plans & Specifications: Determine preferred architectural design, floor plans, specifications, and features to include.

    • Procurement: Making an offer.

    • Construction: Executing the turn-key construction process into final completion- ready to lease and/or sell.

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