Character. Competence. Commitment.


Who We Are

The Allied Group (AG) principals are professional executives and licensed consultants with many decades years of combined experience.

The Allied Group (AG) is your collective resource; your strategic trusted partner to serve your best interest to highest ethical and fiduciary standards, no matter the needs and challenges. AG’s principals and associates are professional executives and licensed consultants with many decades years of combined experience in:

  • Design-Build Construction;

  • Architecture, Engineering & Design;

  • Contracting, Construction Management and Operations;

  • Technology and processes;

  • Alternate Energy, Waste Management, Materials & Resources

  • Reclamation & Remediation;

  • Integrated Business Application;

  • Creative Arts & Media; and

  • Client Services.

The Allied Group Visionary leadership, innovation and passion are keys to the success in the application of sustainable solutions. AG’s principals and licensed consultants are seasoned professional with many decades of combined experience in:

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AG employs the services of very talented and dedicated professionals and consultants to ensure its success and to achieve its goals.

AG offers its clients a record of successful projects completed on schedule and budget, financial credentials commensurate with contract sizes in excess of $ 100M, and a corporate and project management team with the necessary experience and skills.

AG has completed projects and provided services to the Government and Private sectors. Allied's client list includes National Aeronautics and Space Administration. (NASA), the US Army, General Services Administration (GSA), Department of Energy (DOE), and several commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential clients.

AG principals are very mature and established with responsibilities and unshaken commitments to their clients/ customers. They work exceptionally hard to achieve the best possible results.

AG principals command vast knowledge and experience that are coupled with the highest standards in loyalty, ethics, integrity and the dynamic drive for achievement.

AG welcomes strategic business partners who can provide quality materials and services, cost-efficient solutions and achieve on-schedule performance to help the company safely meet the daily demands of its business and fulfill its mission.