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General Contracting Services

Our Comprehensive Design & Construction Services

For several decades, Allied Design-Build, Inc. has been synonymous with integrity, quality and added value. We’re a construction company that listens first, then builds what matters to you. We share your project vision and will work with you, as a team, to ensure your goals are achieved beyond your expectations.

Allied Design-Build, Inc. provides General contracting and related construction services for commercial, residential, health care, senior living, churches, education institutions, industrial, performing arts and the energy sector.

Putting Your Design Plans Into Action

You have a completed project design and plan, and are looking for the right partner to move your design into the building phase. Allied Design-Build, Inc. offers General Contracting services for bid and negotiated projects.

Your Full-Service Partner

In this traditional method of building, we can contract the following:

  • Construction Services: Allied Design-Build, Inc. places a high priority on maintaining relationships with subcontractors and vendors to make certain that project coordination is smooth, critical components are delivered on time and that budgets are maintained. Allied Design-Build, Inc. ensures that schedules, safety plans and cost controls will be managed efficiently and effectively throughout the project.

  • Specialists: Allied Design-Build, Inc. prequalifies our subcontractors and evaluates our specialty services providers and consultants based on their stability and past performance to make sure our clients are receiving the best quality and value on their project.

  • Trades and Suppliers: Allied Design-Build, Inc. prequalifies our subcontractors and evaluates suppliers based on their stability and past performance to make sure our clients are receiving the best quality and value on their project.

As experts in General Contracting services, Allied Design-Build, Inc. has an exceptional reputation for integrity, quality, value and safety. The Allied Design-Build, Inc. team will provide full-time site supervision, safety and cost control measures, and project management from the project start to project completion.

If you’re ready to consider General Contracting Services on your project, Contact Us today.

Construction Management

Leave The Work To Us

For customers who want an experienced Construction Manager to oversee the entire project on behalf of the owner, Allied Design-Build, Inc. offers Construction Management services. Our team will expertly oversee all phases of your project.

From Concept to Completion

Managing an entire project takes a lot of coordination and hard work, and Allied Design-Build, Inc. is ready to deliver on any service that’s needed.

  • Interfacing with design architect

  • Estimating and scheduling

  • Obtaining permits and approvals

  • Hiring and managing subcontractors

  • Material purchases

  • Value engineering

  • Coordinate project training

  • Coordinate daily work with owner’s schedule

Your Interest: Your Benefit?

There are many different situations where Construction Management is a smart choice:

  • When a customer is physically remote from their construction site.

  • When a customer is too busy with other responsibilities to manage construction projects.

  • If a project is multi-phased or requires a high level of programming.

If you’re ready to consider Construction Management Services on your project, Contact Us today.

Pre-Construction Management Services

Planning Pays Off

Pre-construction management is an important step to making sure your project is completed on time and on budget. So, before any groundbreaking occurs, Allied Design-Build, Inc. will carry out thorough reviews, analyses and other pre-construction services that ensure project success.

Early Reviews and Analyses

During the pre-construction process, we do many things. And all come together to create a plan that is based on solid findings.

  • Schedule Development

  • Document Control

  • Pre-construction Meetings

  • Progress Reports

  • Estimate Reviews

  • Design Constructibility Review

  • Value Engineering Review

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Land Development

With over 20 years of experience in land development, Allied Design-Build, Inc. offers depth of knowledge that comes from decades of community development. Experts in both the residential and commercial arenas, we’ve cultivated professional relationships with every project to help ensure the planning phase of any development project flows smoothly, and that we can meet any challenge that presents itself along the way.

One of the essential facets of efficient land development is a familiarity with the civil engineering needs of large-scale projects. Our reputation and experience in land development have taught us that every successful project begins with something as simple as dirt, and our industry connections allow us to create a safe and solid plan for development of subdivisions and office buildings.

We offer experience in acquiring land, creating a plan for development, and will assist in any degree of change necessary for the environment. We’ll help with any project whether your plan calls for subdividing real estate into different lots for a new subdivision or for significant changes to the land that require heavy equipment and coordination. We’ll also use our land development experience to create a plan to convert existing structures.

You might begin with an empty plot of land that will eventually become the headquarters for your company, or you might seek to develop land for an apartment complex or a mixed-use facility. Perhaps you have not yet chosen raw land for your project, or want to build on acreage that already has connections to utilities, sewers, and streets. We’ll help you start planning at any phase of development.

When you work with Allied Design-Build, Inc. for land development, you’re not just benefiting from our decades of experience. You’re also receiving the expert knowledge of our industry and civil engineering connections, as well as the essential in-house construction expertise we’ve cultivated over decades. Every great project begins with a little dirt and a lot of development, things that we know very well.

If you’re ready to consider Land Development Services, Contact Us today.

Global Integrated Business Applications

We help businesses gain operational efficiencies by assessing their unique processes, recommending and delivering state of the art Global Integrated Business Applications. We partner with niche experts to customize and deliver Integrated Business Applications platform to meet your growing challenges and needs. This means we never have to build from scratch, so we can deliver fast and affordable solutions.

High-growth enterprises struggle with decisions around the best business systems and practices to manage their expanding operations. Proper planning of an integrated business management systems and applications often is not a priority when faced with short-term revenue acceleration goals. As a result, a hodge-podge of disconnected functional systems causing process bottlenecks and employee productivity issues, resulting in business process inefficiencies with systems interface and applications integration challenges.

When high-growth companies have several serial applications, there are many business hick-ups and challenges that arise. These challenges can become so severe, that they can grind growth to a halt.

Some examples:

  • Wasted Employee Productivity

  • Lack of Real-Time Sensitivities

  • Integration Complexity and Sky-Rocketing Cost

  • Increased Customer Turn-Over

To keep your business growing at the fast pace, it is essential to have your business systems and applications integrated around a single core database and business process. This approach transforms how companies run, helping yields distinct advantages, including tremendous cost savings and improved business productivity:

  • Process Efficiency Across Your Organization:

  • Dramatically Improved Real-Time Visibility and Decision Making

  • Significant Time and Cost Savings Accelerated growth and Innovation

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