Sustainable Development

Allied Group’s (AG’s) key strengths are vested in core technology and processes, excellence in design, scalability and adaptability to grow and sustain a world-class business enterprise. AG’s core Competencies are vested in its ability to grow as a vertically integrated company, utilizing its resources innovatively and effectively to remain a leader in a fast changing market environment.

The AG Green technology & Processes are not only environmentally friendly, assuring disposal of waste and recovery of renewable energy with clean emissions profiles, but will allow AG to participate in new greenhouse gas cap and trade programs by the elimination of greenhouse gases. Consequently, the AG Green technology & Processes will have broad market applicability and broad based market receptivity, both from the public and industry market sectors.

AG delivers viable economic and environmental benefits to societies, communities and industries, by utilizing environmentally responsible, safe and secure innovative state-of-the-art technologies and processes in waste management & disposal, recovery, remediation and reclamation.

AG offers excellent, cost effective, environmentally friendly and viable waste management & disposal, recovery, remediation and reclamation, while drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maximizing our potential for remediation and reclamation and to recycle and recover targeted materials.

AG builds strategic relationships to identify and consummate real business opportunities and solve identified problems, through proven business models that encourage developing loyal, productive, skilled and innovative customers and vendors.

AG employs the best possible solutions, processes, systems, tools and methods available. All with an organization of exceptionally skilled and qualified business minded professionals and executives.

AG has assembled a substantive team of highly accomplished career professional, specialists, researchers and practitioners in the following fields, and we will be able to handle and execute mega projects with professional expertise and capability of the highest caliber:

  • Biomass and Biofuels

  • Sustainable Ecology

  • Desert-based Communities

  • Aquatic and Ecosystem based communities

  • Natural Parks

  • Affordable Housing

  • Energy & Sustainability

  • Waste Management

  • Solid, Sludge & Liquid Waste

  • Waste to Energy

  • Recyclables & Recoverables

  • Gasification

  • CO2 Sequestration

  • Solar Energy/ Power, Solar Energy/ Thermal

  • Wind Energy

  • System Integration and Optimization

  • Optical Systems for Solar Power

  • Bio-Engineering

  • Architecture & Engineering

  • Project Management

AG represents a unique business opportunity as well as a new technology. Energy prices are at all time high and expected to stay there. The market for carbon waste is best understood as a commodity market. Disposal costs are likewise high, especially in dense urban centers and where specialty carbon waste disposal is paramount. AG’s proprietary technology and market approach allows the Company to exploit the commodity market in waste materials to capture its fair and equitable market share and to convert those waste streams into clean, recoverable and renewable energy.

AG’s core technology is well understood with a long history of success in various industrial and municipal applications. The unique features of AG’s technology which separate it from other commonly advertised “gasification” systems make AG solution sets cost effective, durable, and efficient to own, operate and maintain.